NICKEL AND LEAD FREE JEWELLERY Lovely jewellery from Dansk Smykkekunst, nickel and lead free, the base material used is copper or brass, plated with 14-carat gold, sterling silver or rhodium. Prices range from £18 to £59.90. Lots more choice in the shop!

Other accessories

Branch Jewellery

UK jewellery designer, Wendy Pickard-Young founded Branch jewellery in 2003. Branch is now established as the world leading specialist in wooden jewellery, each season stretching boundaries in design and the materials. Hand made in Bali by traditional Balinese artisans. Branch employ local craftsmen and women from the surrounding villages, most of who are born into a family of sliversmiths or wood carvers and are taught by their families with their techniques handed down through the family.

Strata Jewellery

Strata Jewellery is designed in-house and made in England using English pewter accompanied with beautiful ceramics, quality cord & leather. Most of the necklaces come with a comfortable magnetic closer.

Pink Cactus

Pink Cactus 100% silk scarves are part of a range of lovely accessories from Tilley and Grace.

Volker Lang Bags

Stylish leather bags by Volker Lang and made in Germany. From handbags, to clutch bags in a range of gorgeous colours that change with the seasons.

Connock London

Connock London is a family business who take pride in seeking out exotic natural ingredients that whilst maybe not so well known to the rest of the world, in their native countries they're true skincare heroes.

Zapita Belts

Zapita – (pronounced Zah pea tah) is a play on the Spanish words meaning ‘gorgeous little shoe’ Zapita as a brand was born in central London by shoe designer Nicola Renshaw. Designed here in the United Kingdom. Zapita has now been in Farnham for five years, bringing you, our customers, something very unique.

Kapre Scarves

These popular scarves are 100% pure merino wool which with their exquisite embroderies and embellishments, make perfect gifts and we all love a bit of sparkle!

St Eval Candles

St Eval, based in Cornwall is celebrating over 25 years of perfecting the art and science of making candles. St Eval waxes are a combination of mineral and vegetable waxes, using a combination of artisan methods so that each candle is made with a personal touch to ensure superior quality in style, fragrance and burn.


Create your own style by adding one of these gorgeous belts to your outfit! Hand crafted for us locally. Available in Black, Chocolate, Tan, Blue and Red. Various sizes. £149 each


Lotusfeet works with co-operatives and small family businesses in the Philippines. They design and produce high quality jewellery and fashion accessories; employing Fair Trade principals and using natural and sustainable materials.

Eliza Gracious

The Eliza Gracious Company felt that there was a gap in the market for an affordable design led, costume jewellery collection at highly competitive prices.